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~ Oneg (Potluck Lunch) ~

We are asked all the time...
“We want to bring food to Oneg what can we bring?”

It has been a long standing tradition at El Shaddai Ministries to fellowship together after the service every 2nd Saturday by sharing a meal. El Shaddai Ministries provides all the beverages for the break and oneg. Please do not add items to the table.

If you are blessed to be able to bring a dish for oneg, please observe the following guidelines:
  • All items must be checked in with the oneg staff. Items not checked in will not be served.
  • All items must be marked with your name and phone number.
  • Only bring “Biblically clean” foods, i.e. NO pork, shellfish, or gelatin products.
  • Please bring fresh cooked dishes and not leftovers.
  • Packaged food must be unopened.
  • Also after ONEG make sure to take your dishes and utensils home.

If there is any question as to these standards please discuss with the Zakens after the service.

We ask that you let seniors; first time visitors and those with mobility issues go first in line. Parents of small children please help your child with their plates.
Also PLEASE be courteous in the ONEG line and be observant of those around you, so others may get a generous helping of food as well.