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Prophecy Conference NW - Time is Now

* Conference is not archived.
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Prophecy Conference NW
Time is Now

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Pastor Mark Biltz

~ Pastor Mark Biltz ~

Mark Biltz, founder of El Shaddai Ministries in Washington State is a well-known and popular commentator on the Feasts of the Lord and has produced a series of DVD’s on the Feasts that have gone around the world. He is also the discoverer of the significance of the Blood Moons and God’s Calendar.

Rabbi Itzhak Shapira

~ Rabbi Itzhak Shapira ~

Rabbi Tzahi (Itzhak) Shapira was born and raised in a traditional Sephardic Jewish home in Israel. After years of studying Rabbinic Jewish texts, he found the Messiah within the Hebrew writings. Rabbi Shapira serves as the as the founding Rabbi of Ahavat Ammi, an international Jewish organization that is focused on reconciliation between Jews and Yeshua.

Visit his website: Ahavat Ammi Ministries
See more on ‘The Return of the Kosher Pig’: The Kosher Pig Book
Learn more about Yeshivat Shuvu: Yeshivat Shuvu
‘Like’ Rabbi Shapira’s Facebook page: Ahavat Ammi Facebook

Perry Stone

~ Perry Stone ~

Throughout his more than thirty-two years of full time ministry, Perry has authored over forty books and booklets; produced over a hundred videos and DVD’s as well as produced hundreds of audio teaching albums series. In the year 2000, Manna-Fest with Perry Stone, a weekly television program was launched and can be seen nationally and internationally via cable and satellite systems around the world. Recognized for his anointed and informative preaching, Perry has been able to breach denominational barriers and find attentive listeners from every conceivable religious background.

Perry’s website is perrystone.org

Perry Stone

~ Sam Daniels ~

After 50 years of devotion to Islam, he was saved on his death bed by our Lord Jesus Christ when he was told by two hospitals that he had no chance of living. Since then he has dedicated himself to serve Him without compromise, traveling around the USA to teach our Christian brothers and sisters on how to understand Islam. Evangelizing to the Muslims, shaking the foundation of Islam to the core without compromise while still reflecting the love of our Lord.