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Shalom, and Thank You for visiting us at El Shaddai Ministries!

Our congregation is made up of families of all ages, races, and denominations who desire a deeper knowledge and understanding of God (Yahweh) and His ways.
We have no membership. Individuals, families, pastors and teachers of all denominations, and ethnic groups freely avail themselves of our teachings on regular basis. Many use these teachings as a supplement to their attending a Sunday church.
We are primarily a teaching ministry bringing to light the Hebraic nature of the whole Bible. We're here to help people relate not only to the truths of the Torah and Tanakh (Old Testament) but of the Brit Chadasha (New Testament) as well.
Be sure to look around our website where you can freely print out notes and watch or listen to all our teachings.

Mark Biltz - Pastor

E l    S h a d d a i     M i n i s t r i e s


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To watch or listen to our services live, Saturdays at 10:00am pt click on our “LiveStream” link on menu bar. This will take you to our LiveStream page. The top video window is for our Saturday (Shabbat) services, and the bottom window is Monday night or special evening services.

Click on “Archived Teachings” to see previous Teachings, Audio/Video Links, previous Feast Services, Feast Holiday pages, as well as Series thah have been taught as well as Guest Speaker pages. We have 9 years of past services and most with notes that are free to download and copy.

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